Notice on Rabbit Boardings

You may notice a large missing gap in activity on this blog.

Actually I have still been blogging, but mainly about my 1st child and I set it on Private for my eyes only. Hehe

It has been an extremely busy, non-stop action the past 22mths with him. And I am currently also pregnant at 6mths.

We no longer have enough rooms for rabbit boardings at this moment. Very sorry for the inconvenience to those who have been calling me up for bookings.

Please take note that a very trusted friend of mine who specializes in rabbit boardings and pet supplies is available for bookings. She is very knowledgable in handling rabbits and I know that your rabbits will be in her good care. She has an eye for details, so its comforting to know that she is able to detect if your rabbits are feeling unwell during their boardings. I, too, board my rabbits with her whenever I need to be away. Never had any concerns with leaving them with her. She also gives regular updates thruout their stay at her home. 

Her name is Jennifer at Little Bobtail Resort. Her contact is +65-9836 3140 and she is available on whatsapp. You may choose to mention that you are referred to her by Binky Fort, so that she may offer you a priority queue (yes, she is mostly at full capacity esp during holiday seasons).

With this, I bid my rabbit boardings farewell. But I will still be around, blogging about other areas of interests.

Much love ♡ Thank you for all your support and trust in boarding your rabbits with me thruout the past years. 

Till next time!

Happy 8th birthday, Twinkle!

Another year has passed. A year older but none the wiser (only more greedy). LOL 😁 May happiness be with you always. I love you just the way you are, when you are sweet & affectionate & intelligent… and even when you are being a spoilt little brat. P.S – please stop peeing & pooing on the floor mat. The potty is provided for a reason. Happy birthday, my adorable one. ♡


Vet consult: Olla & Rocky


Brought Olla & Rocky to the vet today.

Olla has her recurring ear yeast again. This time was prescribed an ear ointment instead of oral meds. Went home to do an ear flushing & managed to dig out a whole bunch of gunk.

During the car ride, Rocky as always was calm. And Olla was behaving as if the whole world has done her injustice.

Rocky had to flush his eye ducts at the vet clinic. It was clogged up & inflammed which resulted in some whitish eye discharge. Have to administer antibiotic eye drops & oral anti-inflamation meds. No photos of him becuz he was throwing a huge temper fit at the vet thruout the consult. My little bad mood boy.

Olla and her yeast-filled ears



It’s abt 1/2 the size of a 5cent coin. That is huge! And waxy.

Olla of course struggled, trying get away from the ear cleaning process. After I dug it out, I let her sniff it and tell her that her ears are super dirty. And it seems like she understood, so she remained relatively still for the rest of the cleaning. She is a smarty rabbit. Lol

This time round, she never showed any signs of itch or discomfort. No scratching, no shaking of head, nothing. Actually another telltale sign is if an ear-up rabbit keeps one of its ears down, usually means that side of the ear is uncomfortable. BUT, it doesnt work for Olla becuz she alrdy has queer ears…. always pointing in weird directions at all times. So, we can never tell what’s going on with her ears.


Here she is hugging her stouty bf, Rocky…

Today, I just so happen to wonder why she has not been itching. Usually her ears act up every 3 mths or so, and the last visit was a couple of months ago. So i curiously peeked inside & OH. MY. GOD. The entire left ear hole has alrdy been blocked by that one huge waxy booger. I guess she is alrdy very accustomed to the itch and discomfort, so she decides to go abt her life as per normal with no need to scratch. (-_-“)

Trying to set a vet appt this weekend after my gynae visit (yes I am pregnant). I guess it will be the usual yeast meds that she probably hv to be on for at least 3 weeks or more.

And so the med feeding shall begin again.